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Kelato Greasy Heel Lotion


Greasy Heel Lotion can be used as a broad spectrum fungal and antiseptic treatment to prevent the spread of infections, and as an emergency treatment for wounds in horses and other animals.The lotion cleanses the wound area and helps prevent infection.

Aids in the regular treatment of:

–  Queensland Itch
–  Saddle Acne
–  Girth Itch
–  Eczema
–  Non-specific dermatoses
–  Ringworm

Can also be used in emergency treatment of:

–  Lacerations
–  Wire Cuts
–  Burns
–  Abrasions
–  Other superficial animal wounds

Active ingredients: 15g/L Povidone – Iodine, 6g/L Iodophor (equivalent to 0.75% available Iodine)

Size: 250ml

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